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We recently got to chat with the Astroid Boys who have been having another great year, this Friday they’ll release their debut album BROKE. So we spoke to them about the origins of Astroid Boys, their unique performance abilities, life in Cardiff and more. Check it out below.  

At what point did you guys decide to form a group ?

We were all musicians in our own right before we met. Traxx and I were both MC’s but in different crews at the time. Dellux was still in school but he used to photograph music events and make beats in his spare time. Traxx met him in a youth centre and they started to jam together. I remember meeting Traxx at a house party snd we started hanging out after that. Traxx invited me to perform one of my tunes at a show with him and DJ Comfort and from then on we started making music together. The drums and guitar came a little later.

You guys have a really strong stage presence, what was the process like that led to you being such strong performers ? Did you have a bad show experience that made you want to go hard with it ?? Seeing as not every artist knows how to really perform

We have both been performing since we were young. I guess when we did our first show together we could feel the energy that led to us being in the position we are in now. There has been shows that we haven’t been feeling and a few occasions where I might have drank too much before the show but other than that our shows have always been super tight.

What’s your favourite part of performing ? 

I love seeing the faces of the audience in the moment. being on stage during an AB show is a real privilege. Its like you can see some faces and be absolutely sure that they are having one of the best experiences of their life so far. Thats for young and old fans too.

You just released Dirt, tell us about why you chose it as your latest single ?

Between the release of our last project ‘CF10’ we released a few songs with collabs and other promo bits but a lot of that stuff leaned a little further towards the grime side of AB. We felt it was important to show our fans that the album is going to cater to all. BARE RIFFS!!!!

Your music blends a few different elements, so what was the music culture like in Cardiff when you guys were coming up? 

Cardiff is like most major cities. Just a little less major. We have always been proud of the music scene here. A lot of decent bands have come out of South Wales over the years and there has been some pretty dope hip hop acts. We are certainly not the first Cardiff act to cross the bridge and sell records. We come from a long lineage of strong active and successful welsh role models.

Are you starting to see your influence back in Cardiff with other groups or individuals ? 

You could say that AB has given an energy to the scene in Cardiff. Its something that we have to maintain and grow as a unit. So far so good but their is infinite work to be done and AB can only do so much.

What would you say has been your most enjoyable moment to date ? 

The most memorable moment of my life so far would probably be when I did a pretty painting whilst tripping on acid at boomtown a few days ago. Turned out that my paint pallet was the true master piece.

What else do you have in store that the fans can look forward to ?

Our debut album BROKE is out September 29th, Touring UK & EU with ‘Enter Shikari’ Nov/Dec, working on the video for the next single and currently practicing my spin kicks for Reading & Leeds.

Check out their new video Cheque below.