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Louis Mattrs has come a long way since being introduced on Chase & Status’s hit single Lost & Not Found a few years ago. Since then he’s put out a slew of hits and his wavy Slow Waves EP and today his debut album On The Rocks hits outlets everywhere. We caught up Louis to talk about the process and creation of his debut album, Meek Mill connecting to his music and more.

PMB: You just dropped the snippet for Fear in Me and I wanted to know if you could break down what that song’s going to be about ?

Louis Mattrs: So I wrote that quite a while ago with Paddy Berg, the inspiration behind it production wise was Portishead and bring in the old drum breaks and live elements through. We sort of both wrote the song about anxiety and we were going through some similar situations at the time, and it all came about naturally through that I guess.

Did any of it have to do with being put into the spotlight and blowing up at the like you did or just more personal situations?

A bit of both, mainly personal experiences rather than being in the limelight. Essentially, it was like feelings like you’re not good enough in general life, and yeah-just things like that.

Well what was it like creating On The Rocks ?

It was fun; there wasn’t too much pressure on it, which was great. A lot of late nights spent on my own making what I wanted really. Coming together with other people to collaborate on production and songwriter, which is quite nice after doing everything on your own.

How have you been with collaborating, are you quite open to it or is it harder because you’ve been so used to doing it by yourself?

Collaborating is quite a hard one for me, because I’m quite specific with whom I work with. It’s more about getting a long with someone rather than their status I guess. It’s a fun process and it’s more of a social to be honest. It doesn’t feel like you’re working at all, again it’s great when it’s like that.

When did you even realise you were making this album cos I can imagine that you didn’t just wake up one day saying ‘I’m going to make this album’, did you just have a bunch of songs that wouldn’t live in any other format?

There’s only one song on there that I had from years ago which is Killer and that was one of the first ones that I ever wrote and worked on. The rest, you’re right there wasn’t a sit down like ‘let’s make an album’. It was more so shortly after making my last EP I was just like ‘ok let’s just make a bunch of songs starting from now’.

What was it like being thrown into the spotlight after being on Lost & Not Found with Chase & Status, then going on tour with them and now everyone’s familiar. Or was it even like that? You tell me.

A little bit, it was exciting to have people finally hear something. It was my first major song, it was amazing going on tour with them. You know to hear people singing your song that you wrote in your bedroom back to you, was mind blowing at the time. I couldn’t believe it.

It was pretty mental.

What was your fondest memory from that tour ?

I would probably say playing Glastonbury, there was that moment of when you’re walking to the stage and it’s sinking in that this is really happening. So yeah, that was my favorite memory.

That’s awesome, so Meek Mill used one of your songs. How crazy was that for you to wake up and see that he heard and used your music.

That was pretty mental, I was just sitting on my phone and I just saw some tweet saying this is Meek Mill’s trailer featuring Louis and I was like ‘what’s going on, I didn’t sign up for this’. And it was just so random and amazing at the same time.

Have you ever got to talk to him about it?

Our managers got in contact and he basically sampled that song War in Heaven and I have his song sitting on my laptop and I’m not allowed to leak it and I’m gutted.

Ok so my final question will be, what’s the one thing that you want your fans to take away from On The Rocks.

A bit of me really, I sort of give them everything in this. I hope people understand me a little better and see the different sides of my personality.

You don’t think people haven’t got a good grasp of your identity with all your releases up until this point ?

I have but I have a bit more to me to still show. It’s a bit more tongue in cheek amongst the real and deep side.

A bit more fun ?

Yeah [laughs]

Louis Mattrs’s debut album On The Rocks is available everywhere now, buy/stream the album here.