A Sit Down With… Natty.

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Music veteran Natty recently released his album Release the Fear and announced his UK tour. We caught up with him to discuss the album concept, his start in music and how his latest single Seasons Change was created. Check it out below. 

PMB: How did you get your start, what drew you to creating music?

Natty: I started making music when I was very young, then I got a job in a studio as a producer but I always used to like writing songs. Just the expression of it has always been a part of me. Then I started playing some shows once I stopped working in the studio.

I left the studio because I didn’t enjoy it. It was a lot of hours and started doing my own thing. It was lots and lots of indie bands and it wasn’t really my thing.

Did people that you were working with notice that you were way more suited as an artist than anything?

Yeah a few people actually, a guy called Johnny Dollar who’s passed away now but he produced my first album. I knew him from my time working at the studio, so when I left and started doing my shows. Then people were trying to sign me from my shows, I kept in touch with Johnny Dollar and he produced my first album.

Your album just came out Release The Fear; can you break that title down for me?
It’s a concept album, the first song on the album is ‘I’m Alive’ and so on my journey of Release the Fear. My first step was the ability to give thanks for life, what’s started me on my conscious journey. There are just different things, like a song called Stand in Love because you know when you’re young you’re told to fall in love but it’s a fallacy. That’s just an example of the different elements on the album, there’s redemption about nature and the final song release the fear.

It’s just a sonic blueprint soundtrack to support and empower ones of ones to release their fear.

That’s dope and seasons change can you tell me about that song.

I wrote that a little while ago and I was out in America and I managed to meet up with Busy Signal and heard it so I asked if he wanted to get on it and he did. Then Alborosie again, I met on the European tour circuit so I got a link for him cos I wanted another person on there. What started off as just on an acoustic to what you hear now?

After that we headed to Bristol and shot the video.

Oh I thought it was all CGI it was all very animated.

It was a little bit of that but we filmed like the water drops on speakers. We filmed that and then we just put it together. A little mad genius was the director and he’s old school so he wanted to film everything properly.

Yeah it was good, I enjoyed it.

The albums out so one thing I want to know is has it been received in the way you wanted. Have fans grasped the concept?

Yeah fully, I’ve had loads of deep messages about the album. Even when we’re out performing I’ve had people just wanting to talk to me about how much the album means to them.

And for me once the music is out, it’s for them it’s no longer mine so whatever they take from it is fine. You know they may want to know what I meant by certain things or lyrics but for them it’s all about what it meant for them.

The intention is pure so it’s nice listening to what people have to say especially when certain parts could be autobiographical or they might not be. It’s just good to hear what people think and how it factors into their life.

Yeah like it’s cool to see them engage and you’ve put a lot time into making that happen.


Natty will be heading out on his UK tour this month, for tickets click here and check out I’m Alive below.