A2 Finally Releases His Highly Anticipated BLUE EP!

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A2 finally releases BLUE and it’s exactly what you wanted from the Disturbing  London artist.

The elusive A2 finally released his highly anticipated EP Blue on Thursday. The 12 track project that features tunes like X2 (Dble) is a testament to A2’s talent and ability as one of the best artists this side of the pond.

We’re all aware that the UK has been having an incredible year for music, and A2’s contribution is honestly a stand-alone piece of work that many of us here at PMB haven’t stopped playing since the drop. He effortlessly floats through his experiences as soon as you press play on the opening song Marble Flaws and the sequencing between Harley Quinne, Southern Comfort (featuring ATL’s Grammy nominated 6LACK) & West Hollywood Truths is just too fire. That if you need to wet the ears of anyone unsure of what to expect from BLUE, we would probably say run them through those three songs.

To close, A2’s BLUE as referenced by a friend; ‘his music is like being in a room almost like a jazz setting and the room is being hot boxed with smoke’.

Highly recommended, Blue is available now on all streaming platforms check it out here.