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Pardon My Blog: passionate, opinionated and f***ng savvy. Realising so many media outlets who are forever afraid to speak up on current affairs from the view of the younger adult, we decided to step up. Our ruthless approach to blogging has helped build bonds with people across the board.  Always ahead of the game we have an incredible in house team who are dedicated to providing fresh content, exclusive interviews and latest ongoings across music, sports, life-style and culture.

In addition to this, PMB has successfully developed our own brand of talent showcases Pardon My Talent, The Livin’ Room and club night Red Cup District that continues to draw the masses each time.

The ideas…

Our team isn’t known for remaining within the perfectly drawn lines, instead we continue to push boundaries and cross lines to remain current and innovative. Disclaimer:  Not for the easily offended.

The brand…

We are a brand for the people, those who have an edge and refuse to fit the mould. Get involved with our interviews by creating the questions or telling us what you’d like to see in a competition.  We are for you and we keep you, the readers at the forefront of everything we do.  You are the brand. Pretty simple right?

Express yourself…

The team is made up of multiple individuals with their own flair and mark that makes us everything we are.  Encouraging ourselves and others to push the limits and do it proudly.

 and finally…

We pay extra attention to those loose ends, making sure any experience you have with us is a memorable one.  Whether you are reading an album review or have attended an event of ours we are sure to put the stamp of approval on it.  Forget the rules, we break them!


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