AfroPUNK Is Next Week So Here’s 5 Interesting Facts About Festival.

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As we prepare for one of the most unique festivals of the summer in London, we thought it was only right that we give you some fun facts about the AfroPunk Festival.

  1. It’s not a festival it’s a documentary!

In 2003, a filmmaker by the name of James Spooner and a music business veteran called Matthew Morgan teamed up to create a documentary of the same name as the festival. The film highlights the black experience in the punk rock scene and also explores the cultural presence  of black people within the genre of punk-rock and confirming that it was appealing to all types of people.

2. The festival used to be FREE! Yes, FREE!

The festival used to be free as it was initially meant to be a platform for alternative black talent and was initially the perfect to grow an audience who may not have  understood the festival culture. As it grew to crowds of around 70.000 people per festival and the popularity of the acts performing,  it only became a matter of time before the festival would started charging an entry fee.

3. It’s everywhere!

Due to the popularity of the AfroPunk Festival, it has been held all over the world in  Paris, Brooklyn, Atlanta and London hosting the ever growing event.

4. Everyone is beautiful and unique.

AfroPunk is known for its festival goers having a very distinctive fashion sense and being given the opportunity to express themselves in anyway they like without fear of embarrassment or ridicule. This has become a large part of what the festival is about and helped increase its popularity over the years.

5. Did you know that there is a market at the festival?

The SPINTHRIFT Market showcases and celebrates the best of London’s creative inhabitants who tend to display their one of a kind and bespoke products inspired by African art and textiles. You will be able to find jewellery, natural products, clothing, house ware books and much much more.

This year’s event is being held in the Printworks in South East London so make sure you buy a ticket and head down there to experience one of the most unique and liberating festival experiences of the summer.

You can find more information about the festival, tickets and who is on the line up here.

Words by Highlife