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Are We Rating… D Dark’s Frontline?

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D Dark has come a long way in the music scene thus far. Whether it’s teaching himself the piano and guitar at a young age or starting to rap when he turned twelve years old, it’s clear to see that his passion for music had developed rather early.

His ambition allowed him to be played at a fair amount of pirate radio stations too, Heat FM being one of them. Now being signed to Aftershock, D Dark saw one of his most successful moments when he dropped the instrumentals for Mission Riddim and sold out his very own headline show in Camden. If you are aware of the highly acclaimed film Brotherhood then you might recognize his single Be Smart, which was featured on it.

Now the rapper is back with new track Frontline which again brilliantly showcases his great ability of putting together catchy hooks and an energizing rap flow. Undermined by a rousing and frisky trap beat, his new release is set to become nothing but a massive hit. Check it out below: