Are We Rating… Fifth Quarter’s #Crash?

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Telling stories through music and art – that is what London’s creative collective Fifth Quarter stand for. Starting their journey a couple of years ago, they have already released several projects, the Act Of Telling and Victory Diner series being among those.

After a small artistic hiatus, Fifth Quarter are now back with their new single and video #Crash –  a truly ingenious and profound release. While Syf, the lead rapper, is showcasing his laid-back yet steady rap flow, the creative forces behind the team who go by the names of Hennessey, Lilith and Evil Edie, have created a purely authentic piece of art with the visuals which perfectly ties together with the vocals. #Crash conveys a meaningful message and will bring up your thoughtful side without a doubt.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned; then they will realise that they can not eat money.”

Watch the video below and find out more about them here.

Words by Antonia