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It’s mid-May, it’s still freezing and the music world keeps turning. If you’ve fallen behind on current music culture affairs, we’ve got your back, brah. So don’t be the group chat dunce, get to know all your need-to-know essentials from the past week now.

Fake It Till You Make It With The #BowWowChallenge 

Doesn’t it taste sweet when a bragging, overrated rapper gets caught lying on the ‘gram to large up his image? Bow Wow, posted a photo of a luxury car parked on an airport tarmac in front of a private plane with the caption: “Travel Day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo.” But not long later, a Snapchat post emerged alleging the rapper was actually on a standard commercial flight at the same time he bragged and put his jet photo on Instagram. WELL. Now the internet has gone ham and is revelling in his lie by posting pairs of images side by side – the first depicting the dream life, the second, life’s brutal reality. If you need a lol check out the #bowwowchallenge hashtag – it’s perfect.


Little Simz reveals honest new single Backseat

The first lady of U.K. rap is back with another one and it feels like she’s never been away. Backseat is an easy flow with more than a dash of haunting 90s RnB production. Simz speaks about being the black sheep and it’s full of her signature introspect and astute observations on life. Little Simz has been in the States for a while, spreading the word of her sophomore album, Stillness in Wonderland so this feels like a welcome return and reminder not to forget about her.

Frank Ocean Keeps Cancelling 

Frank loves to ghost and after being in plain sight for a good while, everyone’s favourite enigma has slowly but surely begun cancelling his much-anticipated headline gigs. Citing ‘production delays beyond his control’, the Blonde artist has pulled out of both Sasquatch! and Hangout festivals in the US. He’s got two headline gigs in the U.K,  Lovebox and Parklife but…is he gonna make it? If he cancels are you still gonna go or would you want a refund? Let’s just all pray that he sorts out the issues and makes it out front. God Bless Frank.

Jammer BBK Investigates The Perils Of Smoking Skunk

To honour and raise awareness for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, Noisey and Boy Better Know member Jammer collaborated on a short film to highlight the dangers of smoking chemically enhance skunk weed. Presenting a balanced and thoughtful perspective, Jammer weighs up the chemical differences between cannabis and skunk and looks at how the latter can cause psychosis and mental health issues. The music industry is often seen as an enabler when it comes to addiction, with many believing substances aid, help and glamourize the creative process. If you or anyone you know is smoking skunk on the regular, perhaps point them in the direction of this 15-minute insight.
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Miley Cyrus Pisses Off The Hip Hop Community

A couple of years ago you couldn’t move for sight of a nearly naked Miley Cyrus attempting to twerk with her tongue out but apparently, it’s all change in 2017. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, ahead of her latest single release the post-pubescent pop starlet with a penchant for cultural appropriation said she likes Kendrick Lamar‘s Humble “because it’s not ‘Come sit on my dick, suck on my cock.’ I can’t listen to that anymore. That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock’ – I am so not that.”

She’s obviously forgotten her most recent “come sit on my dick” past because she played off that culture like a bitch and she wore it like a cloak of cool. But now she’s back to country music like whines, respectable gingham dresses and shot-at-dusk music videos. I guess hip hop just isn’t what Miley’s manufactured image needs right now.

Words by Sophie