Check Out This Week’s Round Up, Featuring Devlin, SZA and Michael Dapaah

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Always here to keep you updated if you’ve missed out, this week’s roundup features new music from Devlin, SZA, and we cannot forget the memes and tweets triggered from Michael Daapah’s Fire in the Booth.

Devlin Gets Personal In New Music Video

Off his latest album, The Devil In, Devlin’s track Blue Skies shares with us the details of a past tumultuous relationship. Working alongside the grime MC’s familiar harsh vocals, the soft beat and electric guitar on this along with the lyrics help in setting the story that Devlin is trying to tell.

Showing us the highs and lows of his past relationship, the video, co-directed by himself and Roony ‘Rsky’ Keefe succeeds in depicting the harsh realities that relationships endure.

New SZA Track Featured on Insecure’s Soundtrack

So the soundtrack for HBO’s TV show Insecure has been released and while everyone is still hyped over the Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller track, SZA’s Quicksand has once again revived my soul. Not only is it a bouncy, smooth and groovy track but yet again, SZA is speaking nothing but realness, as usual, all while giving nothing but nostalgic vibes.

Is Tyga’s New Project Really A Singing Album?

So apparently Tyga’s new album Bitch I’m The Shit is not a regular Tyga rap album. Instead, the rapper is looking to turn it into a singing project, I’m deadly serious. As if rapping wasn’t enough for the artist, earlier this week,  Tyga posted a video of him singing Usher’s Nice & Slow as well as Donell Jones’ Where I Wanna Be.

Though many, including myself, took this to be the rapper messing around, Tyga took to Twitter claiming that he was, in fact, serious about the whole thing.

While I’m interested to see how far autotune will help in assisting the rapper, I really hope this is a joke.

Michael Dapaah’s Fire In The Booth Becomes An Internet Meme.

Now it’s been a while since Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth on BBC 1Xtra has caused some laughs across the internet. I mean who could forget Roll Safe’s amusing lisp and emotional bars?

Well, comedian Michael Dapaah brought back some entertainment this week when he dropped by on the radio’s segment. From MC Quakez to Roadman Shaq, back to MC Quakez again, Dapaah’s appearance on the show is worth checking out.

While the whole segment was entertaining, it was his part as Roadman Shaaq that stole the show, becoming an internet meme in itself.


It was even played in Selfridges…

Watch the full video below.


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