Check Out This Week’s Weekly Round Up Featuring Travis Scott, Stormzy, J Hus and More…

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Back at it again with another weekly round up and I must say I’m a bit overwhelmed. From Travis Scott’s wild antics to the promotion of an awful MJ biopic, I’m not quite sure how to feel.

Travis Scott Sets A New World Record While Also Releasing Three New Tracks

We all know that Travis Scott’s tours can get a bit wild, I mean he did get arrested for apparently “inciting a riot” but I personally don’t understand how people have the patience or the time. Currently on his Birds Eye Tour, the rapper set a new world record. Surpassing Kanye West and Jay Z who performed Ni**as in Paris 12 times during their show in Paris, Travis performed Goosebumps 14 times. 14 times?! 14 cuts of the same track over and over again. Who has the time?

Not letting his arrest hold him back, the rapper/producer also shared three new tracks via SoundCloud, Green & Purple, Butterfly Effect and A Man.

While the other two are typically Travis Scott in nature, A Man has a warm old school vibe on the production that actually makes me enjoy the track.

Bryson Tiller Returns With New Music

Finally confirming a release date for his sophomore album, True to Self, which is set to drop on the 23rd of June, Bryson Tiller has also released three new tracks, Honey, Something Tells Me and Get Mine.

It seems Bryson has traded in his dark slow fusion of trap and soul for a more solid sound.  While Honey still has that trap soul sound but with a much warmer sound, Get Mine featuring Young Thug screams just trap but no soul. And Something Tells Me just gives nothing but solid old school R&B vibes. Switching it up I see Bryson?

Stormzy Donates £9,000 to help fund student’s Harvard Tuition

Yes, you read that right. Stormzy donated money to student Fiona Asiedu’s tuition fees for Harvard University. In an attempt to find a remaining £12,000 for her £59,000 tuition fee, the Oxford student’s friends tweeted Stormzy for some assistance and he came through, contributing £9,000 to Fiona’s crowd funding site.

The Trailer for Michael Jackson’s Lifetime Biopic Is Out

A Michael Jackson Biopic is set to be released on the 29th of May and I am not impressed. Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland is based on the 2014 book by the bodyguards who protected Jackson in his final two years. While the idea of a biopic is shaky in itself, the trailer has been released and it looks absolutely awful.

J Hus Releases Visuals For Common Sense

You can’t lie, J Hus has definitely helped spice up the UK music scene. With the release of his debut album Common Sense, J Hus highlights his ability to chop and change as well as blend different sounds in order to create a fusion of UK rap, Afrobeat, Dancehall and a hint of Hip Hop. Producing this new sound into a 17-track album has definitely allowed for some bangers to emerge. One, in particular, is the title track Common Sense, which the artist took upon himself to drop some visuals too to assist the funky Hip Hop inspired track.

Showing off his newly purchased G-Wagon and his hard earned cash, J Hus has definitely come far and he’s not afraid to show this.

Words by Jennifer