Dan Caplen
Dan Caplen Pulled Out All The Stops At His Headline Gig!

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Birthdays in Dalston has always been a good shout when it comes to watching new emerging talent in the first phase of their careers, ones that are beginning to grow into something special. So when I arrived (slightly late thanks to the overground) it was no surprise to see the intimate venue packed to the brim, with everyone waiting for Dan Caplen would take to the stage to close out his UK tour.

Having only heard a few songs (Badman, Life Round Here) with the most recent being his current single Flat Champagne, all of which I enjoyed. However I still wasn’t sure what to expect from the Caplen in the live performance realm. So when he finally graced the waiting crowd with an energy and prowess of someone built for the stage, I was excited to watch the rest of the show play out.

Caplen captivated the crowd with his strong vocals; musical skill set and conversation. Making it less like a formal gig and more like a jam session between friends. He even took to show off his Cello skills, masterfully playing the instrument which was very impressive and it personally made me appreciate his overall artistry just a bit more afterwards.

Not many artists have as much presence when performing, I liked the fact that he powered through his songs confidently without relying on backing tracks and rocked out with his live band, along with some an acapella or two. We were even treated to Ray BLK popping up and joining him on stage to perform their collaboration Flat Champagne, again another dope moment to witness two great artists genuinely enjoying themselves along with good music to match.

I’m not sure when Dan Caplen will be hitting the road again this year but you should get yourself down to one of his shows when he does because you wont be disappointed. Plus if you’re like me you’ll also find yourself using Shazam mid show so that you can get those same vibes in your playlists asap for every single day following the gig.

Check out his soulful cover of collaborator Ray BLK’s My Hood below