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Daniel Caesar Releases The Soul Album Of The Year With His Masterpiece Freudian

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Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to see Daniel Caesar live at Hoxton Square. I was simply blown away by the sheer brilliance of the Canadian singer. His ability to capture the audience, as well as his immense talent was a sight to behold. A month after the show, he announced via social media that he would be releasing his brand new album and I am not ashamed to say I went into a frenzy of excitement and pure giddiness.

I’ve reviewed countless albums during my tenure as a music writer, but never in my time have I been so emotionally attached to one project. Daniel Caesar’s incredible project tears you apart and puts you back together again. The project leaves you hanging in the balance on every song, while you hope for a painless resolution within this nirvana of love. The album is built upon sweet melodies and captivating rhythms and its minimalistic approach to production is the very best part. There is something rather appealing about Daniel Caesar’s sound. While many would consider him a newcomer into the foray of R&B, his music could not be further from such. It is fine wine, kept in the cellar for just the right time, it’s vintage soul music, with just the right amount of modern influence.

Ladies and gentleman I present to you Freudian, the R&B album of the year.

Get You

The lead single Get You featuring Kali Uchis was arguably where the meteoric rise of Daniel Caesar bore much fruit. The R&B driven ballad is pure musical excellence, it’s only right that this masterpiece begin with such an incredible statement of art. Seasoned with a thumping bass-line and some eloquent reverb covered electric guitar riffs, Get You is the closest you’ll get to musical perfection. It’s a wave you can’t help but get completely consumed by.

Best Part

Best Part is a soulful sonnet built on some tasty harmonies and is vocally assisted by the amazing H.E.R. The looping acoustic guitar riff is the stuff musical dreams are made of. The blend of both vocals is seamless, as if both vocalists had been singing together for years. The introduction of the muffled tambourine in the bridge is the icing on this rather scrumptious cake.

Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down is without a doubt one of my favourite songs on the album. Daniel unashamedly shows a sweet yet bold confidence in this tug of war as he tells his lover ‘I know I’m your favourite’. The synergy between the soul coated bass-line and slide driven guitar licks are majestic. The sweet spot as you would call it can be found in the bridge section, where your eardrums will be wholly satisfied by the Kirk Franklin inspired vocal arrangement.

Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)

One of Daniel Caesar’s many strengths is his profound ability to create an authentic acapella in an almost effortless fashion. The Boys to Men type baritone harmonies in addition to a strong female vocal accompaniment are simply mesmerising. The transition to the funky instrumental and falsetto incorporated vocals are magical.


Daniel’s song writing ability stands out immensely on Freudian. I would depict him as Picasso with exquisite chords and masterful vocabulary as his tools of choice. The imagery used to describe his feelings and emotions are so joyfully captivating, yet somewhat sad at the same time. Daniel illustrates his heart in great detail, such as ties with an unhealthy love on Loose as well as relaying the sheer gratitude he has towards the one he adores on Blessed. However, it is not just the words and vocals that paint a colourful picture, the music itself surrounding the lyricism go hand in hand to create this movie type description of Daniel Caesar’s journey with love, as well as lust.

We Find Love

The upright piano coated sonnet clearly takes its inspiration from an old school gospel hymn. The fusion of modern lyricism and vintage instrumentation is a blend of perfection. Daniel Caesar’s high-pitched vocal range embedded within a choir arrangement, makes you remember a simpler time in life, when music used to hit you right where it hurts, in the soul.

Take Me Away

There are songs that were simply designed for particular artists to feature on, Take Me Away is a match made in heaven for Daniel Caesar and Syd from The Internet. The screeching guitar solo will make almost every listener do their very best Jimi Hendrix impression. The song is primed for those long drives, because it has this feeling of bliss and tranquillity. Although Syd’s contribution is certainly minimal, it is just the right amount to make this a certified hit.

The album is cohesive throughout, there isn’t one song on this album that feels out of place. The only real disappointment I found with the project; if you can even call it that, is how short the album felt, which, in all honesty is a huge testament to the young singer’s musical appeal. I longed for much more even after listening to the album on repeat for an entire week, such is the influence of Mr Caesar.


Charlotte Day Wilson joins Daniel on Transform, which is probably my favourite track on Freudian. It was a somewhat teary eyed experience for me. The wordplay and instrumentation was simply majestic. The song on a whole was rather sobering, you focus on the performance and the message behind the song, more so than anything else. The bridge is where I get completely lost in the sauce. The repetitive 4 bar round robin left an imprint on my mind for the foreseeable.


It’s almost rather obvious why Daniel chose to end the album with Freudian, because it’s a climax of epic proportions. R&B at a pace that lets you appreciate all that is taking place, yet so bold in expression, it feels as if you have been taken on a whirlwind of a ride. He sings pure adulation, particularly in the hook with the emphatic line ‘I just want to thank you, for giving me life’. The harmonies in addition to the overlapping bridges are just tasty. Make sure you listen all the way to the end, there is something special waiting for you, mark my words.

It was evident from previous offerings that this album would be divine, but I never expected to get so emotionally involved with an album like I did with Freudian. It’s a reminder that great music still does exist. Mediocrity is a drum that is repeatedly beat on by several artists nowadays, however, artists who spend time and effort to produce a masterpiece such as this, deserve all the recognition and praise they can get. This in summary is Daniel Caesar’s Freudian, the blueprint for music that will surely stand the test of time.

Stream and purchase the album here.

Words by Daniel