Did Meek End His L Streak With Wins and Losses?

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It’s been exactly a week since Meek Mill dropped his third studio album Wins and Losses.  I thought that I would give it a little bit of time before I wrote about it. I’ve not actually liked anything Meek has released other than Levels, I tried to be as unbiased as possible, listening through the whole album every day. Unfortunately, his irritating screeching about money, clothes, jewellery and b*tches just sounds like everything he’s ever released before.

I thought that after his ridiculously long L streak, Meek would have put his heart and soul into this project, redeemed himself, and attempted to make the world forget how Drake and Nicki Minaj simultaneously took his manhood away from him, in two completely different ways, but that was not the case. For starters, naming your album something that refers to the worst year or two of your career doesn’t really do you any favours.

I don’t really have a favourite track, but the one that makes my ears bleed the least is Whatever You Need which features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign. I feel like this could have been a really nice solo track for Chris. He and Ty Dolla $ign can save any track.

My least favourite track is very hard to pick with 17 underwhelming tracks to choose from, but F*ck That Check Up has to be right at the bottom of the pile. To be honest, with Lil Uzi Vert, one of the worst mumble rappers of all time appearing on a track with Meek, and with a voice that is comparable to nails being dragged down a chalkboard, this song was never going to stand a chance in my book was it?

Meek feels as if he has one up on Drake as he claims not to use a ghost writer, but Drake apparently does. Maybe if  Meek could break as many barriers as Drake, get as many awards as him, and rebuild his reputation (remember when Drake was made fun of for being soft, look at him now!), if he could push the boundaries a little bit, and talk about some other subject’s other than rollies, he may even gain some more fans and gain the one-upmanship he thinks he has!… But until then, he will forever be known as Weak Mill, The King of L’s.

PMB rating, 0.5 PMB faces


You can purchase Wins and Losses  here.

Words by Kayah