Discussion: Do Views and Likes Matter?

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This is truly the question. JME was recently heard on the Halfcast Podcast speaking about social media and whether seeing the amount of views, likes and plays matters to the people listening or viewing the content. Speaking from a personal point of view, I can admit, I myself, am guilty of maybe not giving content online, a chance when looking at the number of views it has already received before I have watched or played it.

This poses many other questions. Is content REALLY king? just because an online creator doesn’t have as many followers as another does it make their content any less credible or of a lesser quality?

It really is a weird one because the internet has always been about being ahead of the game but now it seems people would rather see content established videos/artists. Let us also not forget there is also a big market for manufacturing the amount of plays/likes through content promotion and just also being able to buy a number of views/likes.

How are we going to be able to find the next best singer/rapper if we don’t play the video or click on the song of an unknown artist?

I think its time for everybody to take a different approach to viewing content and not let the numbers influence our decision to click on a link or video.

Words by Highlife