Is Dizzee Still Raskit?

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“It ain’t ever gonna be ’03 or ’02 they don’t do it how I did it. Somebody tell me what I’ve gotta prove again?”

When this album was initially announced, from the jump, Dizzee said that this would be a rap album and it wouldn’t be what he tended to do on his previous LP’s in terms of experimenting with different types of genres.

My first thought was, will this really be a grime album? Will Dizzee transform into Raskit?

The project starts with ‘Focus‘ which is a good album opener and an indication of how the rest of the album would go. The beat sounded like the customary grime 140 BPM with a dirty baseline whilst Raskit raps about paying his taxes upfront yearly and being from the LDN where the weather is dreary.

The next track ‘Wot U Gonna Do’ ,whilst the hook was very repetitive, I can imagine crowds going mad and chanting it at his concerts. The song to me, gives the impression that Dizzee is encouraging people to have options by constantly posing scenarios about what one would do if they weren’t getting any traction from the scene . His message to them:  keep grinding.

The lead single from the album ‘Space‘ is one of my favourite songs on the album. Dizzee as always, proves lyrically he is stronger than ever and we are totally here for it. He literally doesn’t give himself a chance to breathe with the amount of bars he rolls off the tongue. Definitely a hit that solidifies Dizzee’s status within the scene in the LDN.

The Other Side’ is another favourite of mine. Dizzee starts off with “Why are they talking like I didn’t make bare grime.”, which to me, indicates he feels his status within the scene in the UK is understated. Dizzee also explains that he has no problem with the new generation of grime arstists but do not get it twisted, he will ruin them if required.

The most controversial part of the song is when Dizzee  asks why people keep begging for a Roll Deep reunion and confirms that the crew will never get back together.  He also says, “Tell Wiley to stop writing these letters to me because I don’t know what to do with them.” Raskit also takes shots at Megaman of So Solid Crew when he says “Tell Mega he can make all the noise that he wants but I’ll put him on his arse in a swamp with a few of them”.

This is the grittiest song on the album and I’m convinced when Wiley and Megaman hear this, they may have something to say about it all. This is an absolutely stellar track. I love Dizzee’s ‘anyone can get it attitude’ and it’s very reminiscent of what the scene was like 10-15 years ago.

Make it Last’ has Dizzee recounting what the ends were like back in the day, confirming that it’s all in the past and he has no regrets while telling everyone to raise their glasses as this a celebration of how far he has come in the game.

‘Business Man,’ I would say is the most commercial sounding track and wouldn’t actually sound out of place on any of Dizzee’s previous albums. Not one of my favourites but could be aimed at Diet/Lite Grime fans.

Bop N Keep it Dippin’ really has a LA/West Coast feeling  to it as he talks about being involved in crime as a kid in Bow and looking to DJ Pied Piper, So Solid and the Heartless Crews’ who had started to make waves in the UK charts giving him inspiration to do the same.

Another favourite of mine is ‘Everything Must Go’ which is one of the most bassy beats on this album and has me feeling like it was 03’ again in the days of Nike TN hats and Air Max 95’s. Dizzee’s vocabulary and wordplay on this track is frightening and he kicks off the track with a stupendous one word flow “Futurist, Ludicrous, Like the news except my views are true and I cut through the mist, scrupulous, ill dismiss if you persist.” This song well and truly confirmed it to me that Raskit is BACK.

Overall, this is a very solid project from Da Boy In Da Corner and solidifies his status as a Mount Rushmore Grime artist. My only gripe is that there were no features from any of the older grime artists and none from the new generation. It’s clear that this album was very personal to Dizzee and it also gave me the impression he wanted to prove to his fans and ultimately himself, that he is still Raskit.

You can stream it below.


PMB Rating 3.5 PMB Faces

Words by Highlife