Is Fekky’s Debut Album A Classic?

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“Yo, you’re so real tho’,

In them red bottoms, are they real though?

You say you walk that dress, so ill,

So come over, and babe let me get a feel”


Fekky a.k.a Mr. BuBu Bang himself has finally released his debut album El Classico. On his last mixtape, Brandy and Coke, which dropped back in 2015, there was a lot of talk about El Classico, which suggested it would be dropping soon, but in fact it has taken around 2 years to arrive. Can’t rush perfection, right? For me, Brandy & Coke is very hard to beat, as it had tracks like B.O.T.BMacarena and Up, which I played on repeat for at least a good year.

The album is 18 tracks long, if you’ve read my previous album reviews you know that I’m against albums being anything over 10 tracks. It will take a spectacular artist to keep me interested long enough to listen to the whole thing. I don’t even think Jay Z could pull that off, and I’m a borderline Jay stan, so that’s saying something. I can imagine after waiting so long to release an album Fekky probably wanted to release everything he had been working on for the past few years, so I’ll let him off.

I have 2 favourite tracks on El Classico, ‘Mad Ting Sad Ting with Section Boyz and ‘My Size featuring Shakka. Mad Ting Sad Ting has been out since last year so as much as I love it, it would be unfair for that to be the only favourite track that I write about.

Putting Fekky and Shakka on the same track isn’t something I would ever have thought of, but Shakka’s voice is the perfect finishing touch on any track that he lays vocals on. Fekky shows his slightly softer side on My Size and shows that he can make a track that caters to the ladies, which is a big contrast to him kicking a “b*tch out the bed” like on his last project.

My least favourite track on El Classico is ‘Avirex’ featuring Neutrino and Chip. Garage has never really been my thing, when any garage tracks come on in the club, that’s usually my cue to go and make my way to the bar or go to the toilet. This track is majorly garage influenced, especially with Neutrino featuring on the track.


I give El Classico 3 out of 5 PMB faces


You can purchase El Classico here

Words by Kayah