Mullally’s Headline Gig Left Us Excited For His Next Show!

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Last week Mullally’s tour landed in London, after a summer of festival appearances and headline shows all over the country. The Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen had a queue and the dimly lit venue that was eventually lit up with a giant M (for Mullally if you’re slow) was fairly packed with people getting a couple cans in before he hit the stage.

I was most appreciative of the air con; don’t ask why I was just unnecessarily warm at the time. Unlike some other performances I’ve seen recently, the show’s start was somewhat abrupt. Mullally appeared on stage and the giant M just started flashing rapidly in an array of blues, whites and purples and he launched into the Wondeful, not missing a beat he smoothly moved around the stage as he vocally soared through songs like Overdose and Honest as the night continued.

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He didn’t set the songs up for the crowd he was clearly more focused on keeping the music and vibe flowing. Simply telling the crowd the title and thanking everyone for coming out, in fact one of the most detailed story of the night came from a mash up he did of J Hus’s Did You See and Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You. Mullally mentioned before he surprised many people with the sick cover, that ‘Hus told me to sign with Atlantic and it was the best decision I ever made’ before he got into it.

The night felt like it ended too soon as Mullally performed Lonely Too Long and shortly after bid the crowd good night. Despite hinting at another gig and his aspirations to play a bigger venue next time, I was left wanting just a little bit more music but that’s not a bad thing, it just means next time I hope his sets longer.

Until then, check out Mullally’s latest below