P Money versus Dot Rotten – the most intense Grime clash of all time?

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The world has experienced some impressive rap beefs so far. Not to get into much detail, but across the pond we didn’t only find Drake versus Meek Mill battling against each other but also Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Latter happened just recently.

Dubs in the Grime scene are no news anymore either. Just think about Bugzy Malone and Chip firing shots at each other, even still to this day.

The biggest Grime clash might be right now though! If you are aware of what is going on in the music scene over here then you surely heard about the ongoing P Money versus Dot Rotten dub. And jheeze, it is intense without a doubt.
P Money and Dot Rotten belong to the UK’s most notable Grime artists to date category, which makes it even more exciting. Plus, with their diss tracks they probably release the best Grime bangers 2017 has seen!

It all started years ago, back in the day when N.E set up the Grime collective OGz together with Jendor. N.E is said to have been an important person in Rotten’s career, however the latter did not get on with a couple of crew members, including P Money. It resulted in a fight and things heated up even more when he refused to attend N.E’s funeral after he passed away. Obviously the rest of OGz felt disrespected and their relationship has got worse ever since.

Now let’s have a look at round one of the current clash. It all started with Dot sending shots on Rinse FM. For your information, it was also directed towards OGz in general.

P Money did what we all would do – clap back! Why let Dot Rotten get away with it, right? Said and done. P responded with Real Talk, taken from his recent Snake EP, and Liars In The Booth. The war began, which leads us to round two.

Enraged and inflamed, Dot Rotten responded with his own version of Real Talk. Nice try, Dot, but couldn’t you think of a more creative song title?
Did You Notice by P Money soon followed, to which Dot again responded with Facts. When would this dub stop?

Time for round four, and no, this is not the last round. After Facts, a gritty and lyrically harsh release, P dropped the banging Bruck Beyond Broke. Soon after, his nemesis returned with Steak Bake. The lyrics spreaded major gossip about certain industry figures which saw enraged discussions on Twitter emerge. Not cool, mate.

It was only a matter of time until P Money got back at him which is exactly what he did last Friday by dropping not only one, but two diss tracks, packed in one video. Dot Rotten better think about a decent response because P went in!

Could this be one of the best Grime clashes? Needless to say it’s what everyone is talking about and social media is blowing up thanks to debates about who will give up first!
I personally think that P Money’s shots are the coldest and will intimidate Dot Rotten at some point.

So who is ready for the next round? Get the popcorn ready!

Words by Antonia