Pause For A Moment & Watch This Documentary On Happiness!

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Happy Friday! We have something to help replenish your energy with positive vibes and food for thought. ‘JOY: A Vlogumentary.’ is a gem of a documentary centred around the idea of happiness by Rafael V a young filmmaker from London.

JOY that features JME & David Vujunic sharing their perspectives and thoughts on ‘happiness’, is a reflective piece of work that showcases the day in the life happenings of Rafael, his friends, family and strangers. All of which discuss, explore and question the concept of happiness in their lives and other people.

This is a truly refreshing visual for anyone needing a pick me up in the midst of the current world climate, or for those of us that may be moving so fast we’ve forgotten some key things about this thing we call life.

Either way, there’s so much value to take from it and so check it out below, then see what the director himself to say after we asked him a few questions around the making and inspiration for the doc.

PMB: What inspired the making of the documentary?

Rafael V: I think most of the inspiration behind the documentary came from the opposite of happiness, which was sadness. I was going through a tough time during May, and from that I was more inspired to look into my emotions. From then went around looking for inspiration from others, I wanted to know more about what made people tick, what people thought about life, and their own happiness. I think from there my inspiration then evolved into the inspiration I gained from the people around me… and then from there it just grew into what it is.

Why was it important to you that happiness was the main theme?

Well I believe its an important topic, it’s your mental health. I think it’s so obvious and in front of us, and sometimes because of that we don’t pay enough attention to our happiness, and all the things around it. Like think about it, REALLY think about it. When was the last time you cleared your head, reviewed everything that’s going on in your life, and thought deeply about the things that make you happy? I reckon we don’t do that enough. So having that at the core of the documentary, at the core of every question, was important to making sure it was the main theme and that it was explored thoroughly.

How long was the creative process behind it?

All in all the whole documentary took 4 months to complete, now I think about it. But everything was done bit by bit. It wasn’t like I had things set up where I knew when I was going to film things, a lot of the scenes were unplanned and just naturally documented. The only things I had pre-planned was the interview with Vujanic, and the scenes in between where I was talking myself. In a way having things unplanned can be annoying because you never know when you’re next going to get some great footage, and you’re just relying on being in the right place at the right time. However that’s the beauty of it, that’s why everything in the documentary is very authentic, because most things were just captured in the moment. The editing was also done step by step, so there was no real structure arranged until the end.

What was the hardest part; if there was any about making the doc?

The hardest part for me was probably editing conversations. Most of the times when I asked people questions I just let them talk and say what they wanted, which most of the time was relevant and great knowledge for the documentary. But then when I got to the editing, it was hard to choose when to cut them off and what parts to include, because you don’t want the person to be speaking forever. I think that’s something I need to improve on for my next documentary, pacing the conversations with people better and making them more concise. What’s also difficult is filming things naturally, and capturing people in their element. The introduction scene at the party, and the final scene at the park were difficult at times, because the second people know they’re on camera they act different and maybe a bit more uncomfortably.

What’s the one thing you want viewers to take away from it?

I want people to take away the message that, their happiness is important and your mental health is valuable. More than anything though I want people to think about their own happiness, start conversations around it, ask other people about happiness, and question things. From the documentary alone, I’ve had a lot of positive and productive conversations with people about the topic. I’ve also had a few people feel inspired too. Inspired to pursue whatever makes them happy, and whatever gives them joy. I just want it to spark a positive or productive thought in your mind.